Friday, October 31, 2008

Walgreens, Sears, & Harbor Freight Black Friday Ads

As most of us know Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Click here to see Walgreens black Friday ad.

Click here to see the Sears black Friday ad.

Click here to see the Harbor Freight black Friday ad.

More to come as soon as they are released. Check back often.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Taste of Home Magazine Subscription

Go to and get a year free(6 issues) for $3.95 shipping and handling.

Wal-Mart 10/30/08

I made 3 trips to Wal-Mart today. I spent $129.43 before coupons and my total after coupons is $23.97.
List of things I got:
3-Kotex $1.00($1.00 IP coupon)=FREE
14-Gillette Body Wash $2.00($2.00 mfg coupon=FREE
12-J&J Buddies Soap $.97 ($3.00/3)=-.03
9-Prep H Wipes $2.94($3.00 IP Coupon)=-.06 PRINT Coupon
1-Taco Kit $1.98($1.00 peelie)=.98
4-Vlasic Relish $1.00($1.00 IP)=FREE
3-Goody's Hairband and ponytail holders $2.28($2.00 IP Coupon)=.28 PRINT Coupon
2-Progresso Soup $1.50($1.10 IP Coupon)=.40 PRINT Coupon
12-Green Giant Steamers $1.23($1.00 mfg coupon)=.23
4-Green Giant Steamers $1.50($1.00 mfg)=.50
1-KY Jelly $2.64($3.00 mfg)=-36
5-Ronzoni Pasta $1.50($1.00 mfg)=.50
2-Kelloggs Granola bars $2.00($1.00 IP)=$1.00

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Battery Powered Toothbrush from Colgate

Register an account and keep a log of your child’s brushing progress. Once you reach 45 points you can redeem the points for a Free battery powered toothbrush from Colgate.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walgreens $5 off $20 10/24 & 10/25

Get $5 off $20 purchase at Walgreens on 10/24 & 10/25. Print coupon here.

Kroger/Walmart/Food Giant 10/23/08


1-Gillette Shampoo/Body Wash $2.00($2.00 mfg)=FREE
1-Kotex Pads $1.00($1.00 IP Coupon)=FREE **PRINT COUPON**
1-Visine $3.62($3.00 mfg)= pd. 62
3-J&J Buddies Soap .94 each($3/3 mfg)=they pd me .06 each to buy them

Paid $1.22 which was from the Visine and tax

Food Giant

10-Birdseye SteamFresh Vegs $1.00(.35 mfg doubled) = .30 each

Paid $3.72


2-Cottonelle .99(.50 doubled)=FREE
3-J&J Buddies Soap .99($3.00/3 mfg)=they pd me .01 each
4-Hunts Sauce 2/$1.00($1.00/2 IP) =FREE **PRINT Coupon**
1-Colgate Total Toothpaste $1.10($1.50 mfg) =they pd me .40

Paid .66 which was tax

Coupons Information

I have received a few questions about coupons so I thought I would answer them here.

1. What stores accept coupons?

Walgreens accepts coupons and will also take their instore coupon or easy saver rebate coupon off too.

Super D accepts coupons

Kroger will double coupons .60 and under.

Food Giant will double coupons .50 and under.

Todd's Big Star will double coupons .49 and under.

Wal-Mart will accept coupons but sometimes they will give you a hard time. I print out their
coupon policy and keep it with me in my coupon binder.

Rite-Aid(New Albany) accepts coupons.

CVS(West Point & Startkville) accepts coupons

Dollar General will accept mfg coupons but not internet printed coupons.

Family Dollar accepts coupons.

Piggly Wiggly will double .50 and under.

2. Can you make copies of internet printed coupons?

Absolutely not unless you look good in stripes. Most of the sites will let you print up to 2 and if you have more than one computer you can print coupons from each computer so you will have multiples.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wal-Mart 10/22/08

11-Kotex $1.00($1.00 coupon)=FREE
9-J&J Buddies Soap $.97 ($3.00/3) they pd me .27 to buy them
1-Crest Kids Toothpaste $1.97($1.00 coupon)=.97

Paid $2.41 which was tax and the .97 left on the toothpaste

8-Kotex $1.00 ($1.00 coupon)=FREE
5-Green Giant Steamers $1.23($1.00) =.23 ea
Kraft Easy Italian cups $0.88($1.00/2 coupon)=.76

Paid $3.06

Kroger 10/22/08

6-Cottonelle $0.99(.50 coupon doubled)=FREE
2-French's Spicy Brown Mustard $1.00($1.00 coupon)=FREE
4-Tic Tacs $0.50(.55/2 coupon doubled)=FREE

Paid $0.41 which was tax
Total Savings 100%

6-Cottonelle $0.99(.50 doubled)=FREE
9-J&J Buddies Soap $0.99($3.00/3 coupon) they pd me .01 each to buy them
12-Tic Tacs .50(.55/2 coupon) = FREE

Paid $1.01 which was tax
Total Savings 100%

Kroger & Walgreens 10/21/08

I got the following at Kroger:

6-Cottonelle $0.99(.50 coupon doubled) = FREE
6-J&J Buddies Soap $0.99 each($3/3 coupon) = they pd me .03 to buy them

Paid $0.72 which was sales tax

I got the following at Walgreens:
2-Oral B Toothbrushes($1.00 esc & $1.00 mfc) = they pd me .01 to buy them
1-Zantac 8 ct $4.99($4.99 coupon) = FREE **PRINT COUPON**

Paid $0.74 which was sales tax

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Freebies from Walgreens 10/7 & 10/8

The products above were all FREE after coupons. All I had to pay was sales tax.

14-Pert Shampoo/Conditioner 13.5 oz Reg $3.49
(esc $2.50 plus mfc for $1.50)
(WG actually pd me $.51 each to buy them)

14-Oral B Toothbrushes Reg $1.99
(esc $1.00 plus mfc for $1.00)
(WG pd me .01 each to buy them)

Garnier Fructis Shampoo 25.4 oz Reg $5.99
(esc $3.00 plus mfc for $1.00)
(I pd for this from the overage from the Pert)

Bic Comfort 3 Disposable Razors Reg $3.99
(esc $1.00 plus mfc for $1.00)
(I pd for this from the overage from the Pert)

ESC means Easy Saver Coupon(WG has this booklet at the front of the store)
MFC means Manufacturer coupons
WG means Walgreens


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