Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coupons Information

I have received a few questions about coupons so I thought I would answer them here.

1. What stores accept coupons?

Walgreens accepts coupons and will also take their instore coupon or easy saver rebate coupon off too.

Super D accepts coupons

Kroger will double coupons .60 and under.

Food Giant will double coupons .50 and under.

Todd's Big Star will double coupons .49 and under.

Wal-Mart will accept coupons but sometimes they will give you a hard time. I print out their
coupon policy and keep it with me in my coupon binder.

Rite-Aid(New Albany) accepts coupons.

CVS(West Point & Startkville) accepts coupons

Dollar General will accept mfg coupons but not internet printed coupons.

Family Dollar accepts coupons.

Piggly Wiggly will double .50 and under.

2. Can you make copies of internet printed coupons?

Absolutely not unless you look good in stripes. Most of the sites will let you print up to 2 and if you have more than one computer you can print coupons from each computer so you will have multiples.


dani77_99 said...

Here's a question.... When you buy multiple items (like the Pert shampoo) do you buy them all on the same trip or are you limited with how many you can buy at once? said...

Well at first I was not limited but the Walgreens at Barnes limited me last week. I just checked out mutliple times. The Walgreens at Crosstown still lets me buy multiples on the same order.


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