Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wal-Mart 10/30/08

I made 3 trips to Wal-Mart today. I spent $129.43 before coupons and my total after coupons is $23.97.
List of things I got:
3-Kotex $1.00($1.00 IP coupon)=FREE
14-Gillette Body Wash $2.00($2.00 mfg coupon=FREE
12-J&J Buddies Soap $.97 ($3.00/3)=-.03
9-Prep H Wipes $2.94($3.00 IP Coupon)=-.06 PRINT Coupon
1-Taco Kit $1.98($1.00 peelie)=.98
4-Vlasic Relish $1.00($1.00 IP)=FREE
3-Goody's Hairband and ponytail holders $2.28($2.00 IP Coupon)=.28 PRINT Coupon
2-Progresso Soup $1.50($1.10 IP Coupon)=.40 PRINT Coupon
12-Green Giant Steamers $1.23($1.00 mfg coupon)=.23
4-Green Giant Steamers $1.50($1.00 mfg)=.50
1-KY Jelly $2.64($3.00 mfg)=-36
5-Ronzoni Pasta $1.50($1.00 mfg)=.50
2-Kelloggs Granola bars $2.00($1.00 IP)=$1.00

1 comment:

Sybil said...

Wow! I want to go shopping with you! You Rock!


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