Friday, November 7, 2008

Kroger Trip Spent $65 paid $0.60!!!

I had an amazing Kroger trip today. I spent $65 and paid .60!!!!!!!!
My receipt says I saved 103%!!!
MD=Mega Deal - buy 10 participating products and get $5.00 off instantly.
I will be listing the product prices of what they are after the $5.00 has been taken off.
IP=Internet Printable
Here is what I got.
4-Quaker Oats 18 oz. $1.50(-.50MD and $1.00/2 IP) pd .50 ea Print Coupon
3-Cinammon Toast Crunch Cereal $2.00(-.50MD and $.55 doubled) pd .40 ea Print Coupon
8-Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix $1.00(-.50MD and $1.00/2) FREE Print Coupon
Cottonelle .99 (.50 IP doubled) FREE
Franks Hot Sauce $1.00(.50 IP doubled) FREE Print Coupon
5-Betty Crocker Potatoes $1.00(.40 doubled) pd .20 Print Coupon
3-JJ Buddies Bar Soap $.99 each($3.00/3 mfg) pd -.03
6-Goody's ouchless products $1.59 ($2.00 IP) pd .-41 Print Coupon
5-Trident Gum $0.99(.55 doubled mfg) FREE
6-Scotch Lint Rollers $1.00(-.50MD and $1.00 IP) pd -.50 Print Coupon
8-Scotch Nail Saver Sponges $1.00(-.50MD and $1.00 IP) pd -.50 Print Coupon
I went to the other Kroger but they were out of Nail Savers and Lint Rollers. I did get 10 Carnation Evaporated Milk $1.00(-.50 and $1.00/2 mfg) FREE and 6 Goody's Ouchless products $1.59($2.00 IP but they adjusted to $1.59) FREE. Just had to pay tax.
Also, made two trips to Kroger Wed and spent $86 and pd $20.
I am headed off to Walmart now!


Lady Loony said...

Please help! I am trying to understand how to get the groceries you got, when I try to print the coupons, I get a coupon website, but can't find the coupons you mentioned. Can you descibe in detail for a newbie how to shop like this? I installed the coupon printer, but how do you know about mega deals and when do you go shopping for doubled coupons. Thanks for any help! said...

When you get to the site you will have to look for the particular coupon. The Cinnammon Toast Cereal coupon should be there. I changed the Betty Crocker potato link to go to because it looks like they don't have that one at anymore. The printable coupons do change from time to time. The mega deal is a special Kroger runs from time to time. I know about it because I read on and forum. Also, it is in our Kroger sale paper. My Kroger doubles coupons .60 and under everyday. Freds doubles .70 ad under on Sat. You can go to my site at and look under coupons for newbie info. Hope this helped!

Lady Loony said...

Thank you so much! I will check out those sites. Part of my problem is I don't get a paper so I don't get the local ads. Do you use crosstown or Barnes Crossing Kroger...does it matter or do they have the same policies? Sorry to beg, but I am desperate to lower my grocery bill! Again, thanks for all the help! said...

I use both stores all the time. The ad is posting online every Wed. Go to and click on Weekly Ads. Also, if you go to my website there will be links to to all the stores online ads.


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