Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Michael Angelo's Free Lunch Rebate

Here is how to treat your friends to lunch and have Michael Angelo's pick up the tab. We hope you have lots of fun and impress your friends with your great taste.

To receive your rebate, please . . .
o Host your lunch by January 31, 2009.
o Invite and feed up to five friends and yourself.
o Serve up to six (6) Michael Angelo’s single serve entrees (10oz. - 14oz. each).
o Fill out and mail this rebate form, must be postmarked by February 28, 2009.
o Attach required proof of purchases:
o Proof of Purchase seals including UPC bar codes from six (6) Michael Angelo’s singleserve entrees packages (10oz. - 14oz. each)
o Cash register receipt from your grocery store dated no later than January 31, 2009, withup to six (6) Michael Angelo's single serve entrees circled.

Link to rebate form

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