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Walgreens 101

Walgreens 101

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7-day coupon
- this comes from the weekly ad
IVC - Instant Value Coupon - this comes from the Easy Saver Catalog
ESC - Easy Saver Catalog - this comes out monthly and has IVC's and rebate information
RR- Register Rewards - this is like money you can spend on your next purchase
FAR - Free after rebate
MFG - Manufacturers Coupon

Shopping at Walgreens is different than shopping at other stores. There are many ways to save $$ at Walgreens. I will show you how in this article.

Walgreens weekly ad - Each Sunday Walgreens has a different weekly ad. This ad is available in your Sunday newspaper, online, or you can just pick one up at the store. In this ad you will find the 7 day coupons. You do NOT need to tear the coupons out on each visit. Just show the clerk the coupon and she will key it in. You CAN use a 7 day coupon with a manufacturers coupon. This is known as stacking.

Easy Saver Catalog - This catalog can be found beside the weekly ads in the store or online. Make sure you pick up two or three each month. This catalog is a monthly catalog and it will show what items will be FAR(Free After Rebate), rebates on other items, and will be full of IVC's(Instant Value Coupons). The IVC's CAN be used with a MFG coupon. Be on alert throughout the month because many times WG will have things on clearance that they have a coupon for in the catalog. This will make the item free or very cheap.

In order to take advantage of the rebates each month you will need to buy the item and then submit the information for your refund. You can either fill out the form in the middle of the ESC or submit it online. The easiest way is to submit the information online. As you buy rebate items during the month just go in and enter your receipts. Make sure you hit save each time because if you hit submit you will no longer be able to submit rebates for that month.

When you submit your rebate you can choose a check or you can choose a Walgreens gift card. The best deal is to choose the Walgreens gift card. They will give you 10% extra back for choosing the gift card. The first time you submit your rebates it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to get your Walgreens card. The next time it will only take 2-3 weeks because they will just reload your card.

Once you get your WG rebate card you will never have to spend money out of pocket. You will use your card to buy the next months FAR's and/or roll purchases at WG.(We will discuss this in a few minutes.)

Register Rewards - These print out of the Catalina machine that is beside the cash register. Normally it will be sitting beside the machine that prints your sales receipt. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to print after your receipt prints. Stand there and wait for it. You will know when you are supposed to get one however sometimes we get surprises we don't know about.

If for some reason your RR does not print out it could be because the machine is not working properly or has been turned off. Ask the cashier to check the machine or check out at another register. If you still don't get your RR you can call 1-888-8COUPON and give them your information.

RR LIMITS - You are limited to doing one of the same RR deals in one transaction. This means one per company so pay attention to the ad. If an item is $8 and you are supposed to get a $4 RR you can only do one of those deals per transaction(checkout). You can do two different RR deals in one transaction.

ROLLING RR's - Rolling RR's means that you can roll one deal to another. Example: Say we have a $10 RR from the Robitussin deal and we are using it to pay for the Skippy Deal. This will work because they are not from the same company, however you could not use a $10 RR from the Skippy Deal to pay for another Skippy deal. Well you could but you would not get the RR from the Skippy deal again.

When you do not have any RR's to start rolling this is when you would use your WG GC to get them started. You would do the first deal and then when you got your RR's you could start rolling them.

Coupon Information - You must have an item for each coupon you use. If you are buying 2 items and you have two manufacturers coupons and you want to use one RR, then you will have to buy a filler. A filler is a cheap item like gum, candy, pencils, etc. There is an exception to this and it is store coupons. They do not coupon in the per item ratio so you don't have to worry about them. This would include 7 day coupons, $10/$30 coupons, etc.

BOGO & B1G1F Coupons - Buy one get one free - If WG has an item for B1G1F and you have a B1G1F coupon then both items are free! Also, if WG has the item at BOGO and you have a $1.00 coupon off you could do it that way. Like a pack of gum is 1.19 x2 = $2.38 then use the store BOGO coupon so now it is $1.19 and then you use your $1.00 mfg so you got two packs of gum for .19.

Be sure and combine your coupons to get the best value and to get items free!

You can use the following together:

RR, 7 day coupon, & MFG
7 Day coupon & MFG

**********Do not go into Walgreens unprepared! Always read the weekly flier and get your deals ready ahead of time. I seperate my deals in envelopes and number them. That way when I get to the register I know what order everything needs to go in to get my RR's.***********

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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