Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frugal Articles & Sites

Today I have been paying bills and trying to figure out where we can cut corners. I called Directv to see if we were still under contract. Well come to find out when our DVR broke in Nov and I called and asked about getting one they failed to tell me it would put me under a two year contract! The only way to get out of it is pay a $480 early cancellation fee. Anyway after talking to 3 people and getting very stressed out I got them to lower our bill down from $72 to $60 a month. About 2 hours after I got off the phone with them I was thinking about what they said. The guy asked me if we still have 4 receivers and I said yes. The more I thought about it I remembered that one TV broke so we are only using 3. I called and had that one removed so that is another savings of $4.99 a month.

I am also considering cancelling our land line phone but the only problem is our cell phones don't work in the house. We have to go out and climb a tree(yes, that is a stretch) to get service.

Also, I remembered reading somewhere that everything you have plugged in outlets will use electricty no matter if you are using it. I had the girls go around and unplug everything that was not in use. Hopefully it will help some.

I also plan to inventory my pantry and freezers to see what we have. We are just gonna have to eat what is in there whether we want it or not! I have ordered some things for the Kroger sale this week so I will use those when they come in but other than that we are only buying milk and bread. I see a lot of chili and spaghetti in our future!

I would love for you to share how you are cutting back or saving money in these though times. Leave me a comment and let me know.

I found these great articles and sites that might help you out.

101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week
The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living
Surviving on a Budget - $10 Grocery List
How to Feed a Family of 4 or more for less than $200 a month(e-book)
Easy Envelope Budgeting for Beginners

Great Frugal Sites:

The Dollar Stretcher
Living on a Dime
Hillbilly Housewife
The Pioneer Woman


Stacy said...

Oh we are SO where you are! HA We have been making our own laundry detergent, dishwashwer detergent and cleaner. Using a lot of vinegar from SAms (2 big gallon jugs for $3). We are eating a lot of tortillas with rice and beans on them. You should be able to live off of those beans for like....2 years!! HAHA We won't visit for a while......

Ginger said...

I am now looking at saving as much money as I can as my job!! We no longer buy snacks...We make them! Novel Idea eh? Today my daughter and I made pudding pops, monkey bread, we were supose to make cookies but it didn't happen. Everything takes longer with a 3 year old but oh well she had a blast!! I have been making my own bread. If you have a bread machine, get it out! It is so easy and quick and yummy!! My boys think this saving money thing is wonderful as does my husband. I made homemade refried beans last night and I think my hubby thought he died and went to heaven!! I also make my own laundry soap, use vinegar as my fabric softener and have quit buying cleaning products...back to the basics and the basics work great!! This takes a lot of time but it's what I do so I can be home with my 3 year old, take my boys to school and be home when they get home. This is important to me!! I can't wait to hear other's ideas!!

Ginger said...

Another great site...
She has great ideas, and recipes.


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