Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kroger Managers Special Deals

I hit the JACKPOT today at Kroger. I actually went in to buy Chef Boyardee but realized I left my coupons in an envelope at home! Anyway I checked the produce section first and then moved on to meat. Here are all the great "Managers Specials" I got.

21.29 lb Mash Ready to Cook Bone in Ham Reg. $38.11 Sale $16.82
2-Oscar Myer Mini Hot Dogs Reg. $2.50 Sale $1.59
2-Beef Polska Kielbasa Reg $3.19 Sale $1.59
6.38 lb Ground Beef Reg $20.35 Sale $13.65
2 lb Tennessee Pride Sausage Reg $6.19 Sale $4.19
3-Wrights 1 1/2 lb Reg $5.99 Sale $2.99
Hogie Rolls Reg $2.99 Sale $0.99
Gallon of Milk Reg $3.19 Sale $1.25
Dole Winter Jubilee Salad Kit Reg $1.99 Sale $1.00(used $1.00/2 Blinkie)
Dole 7 Lettuces Reg $1.99 Sale $1.00
3 lbs Green Apples Reg $3.99 Sale $1.29
2 lbs Golden Apples Reg $2.99 Sale $1.00
3 lbs Gala Apples Reg $3.99 Sale $1.00
5-Bryan Smokies Reg $4.19 Sale $1.99 (used 2-$1.00/2 mfg)
4-Pork Tenderloins Reg $8.99 Sale $2.99
2-Cases of Ramen - just needed
5-Mentos Gum (used .55/1 doubled) - just got
Paid $89

The Mgrs special items added up to $170.85 at Reg price!

We had a Korean exchange student 3 years ago and he is coming back(and bringing his sister) in 2 days. He loves meat so I was so glad to find these great deals!

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Anita said...

Good for you...I can't believe the price on the milk!! A few weeks ago they had it marked down to 1.99 a gallon and I bought 8 or so gallons to put in the freezer. They also had 1/2 gallon of buttermilk for 75 cents the other day...I have made buttermilk cakes and cookies and will make a couple more cakes and LOTs of biscuits this weekend.


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