Thursday, March 19, 2009

Target Trips 3/19/09

Today we went to Olive Branch and Germantown to do some shopping. Our main purpose was to go to the new JoAnn's fabric store and find Emilee's some fabric for her dress she is making for 4-H. Last night I read message boards and printed Target coupons and got everything organized for my Target trips. FYI: You can use a Target coupon and a mfg coupon on the same item. This makes items cheap or free!

Our first stop was Target in Olive Branch. I was so excited and gathered a bunch of stuff. Some of the stuff was trial sizes because I had coupons that did not exclude trial sizes. There were only two registers open so I did not have many options on choosing a checker. The checker scanned all my stuff and I handed her my stack of coupons. She immediately called for help. THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN! Anyway one of the CSM's came over.

They went thru my coupons with a fine tooth comb. They had already scanned all my Motts coupon and some others when they decided that I could only use one like Target coupon per transaction. Then they said the trial size items were .97 and the coupons were for $1.00 off. I told them they could adjust it down. They said they couldn't. I asked them what the # was to Target Customer Service. I stood in line and called CS and as I called them they were voided stuff off my order. I told him what they were saying and told him what I thought it should be. He put me on hold and talk to a supervisor. He came back and said I should be able to use the coupons on the trial sizes and they could adjust them down. Then he backtracked and said well the store has the right to make you buy regular sizes so you can only get 5 trial size items. I said fine but what about using one like Target coupon per transaction. He said they should be able to do it all in one. I let him relay the info to the CSM. So then they put back the items they had took off.

Anyway after 25 minutes of going back and forth this is what I came away with.

The stuff is in picture one above is what I got from the Olive Branch store.
2-Arm & Hammer Baking Soda .67 each (used $1/2 Printable mfg)
3-Pledge Multisurface Sweeper Refills $2.50 ea(used $2.00/1 Printable mfg & $1/1 Target)
4-Cheetos snack size $1.29 ea (used $1/1 Target)
1-Kashi Bars $3.29(used $2/1 mfg)
6-Motts 6pk apple sauce $1.69 ea(used $0.55/1 Printable mfg & $1/1 Target)
6-Diet Pepsi 12 pks 4/$11(used B2G1F Printable mfg)
2-J&J Softlotion .97 ea (used $1.00/1 mfg)
3-Head & Shoulders .97 ea (used $1.00/1 mfg)
1-Photo Album on clearance for $3.24
6-Cat Notebooks at .38 ea
2-Notebooks at .48 ea
1-Pk Jingle bells .48 ea
1-soft ruler .48 ea
1-Scotch Wrap 1.84 ea
5-Quaker Granola bars $2.00 ea(used $1.00/2 blinkie)

Total was $87.25 before coupons and $34.29 after plus they gave me a $5 Target Gift card because there is a promo where you buy 5 Quaker products and get a $5 GC.

The next Target we went to was in Germantown and it is a Super Target. My main mission was to get free or very cheap bread and meat with the Target coupons I had printed. I gathered all my stuff and headed to the register. All the while thinking I sure hopes this goes better than the last one. The lady started scanning my items and I layed my coupons up on the check writing area. She said "Oh, you have coupons! Great!" I thought I hit the lottery! All of them were Target coupons and she scanned all of them without any trouble.
The second picture is what I got from this store. Oh, and the calendar and one of the Scotch wrap things were on this order too but it got in the wrong picture.
4-Cheetos $1.29 ea (used $1/1 Target)
10-Market Pantry Condensed Soups .79 ea(used .50/2 Target)
10 pks of Beef Chuck Stew Meat each pk ranged from $2.31 - $2.61 ea(used $2.00/1 Target)
6 pks of Fresh Bread from Bakery .99 ea(used $1.00/1 Target)
1-Scotch Wrap $1.84
1-Calendar $2.58

Total before coupons was $43.48 and after was $14.50-$5.00 GC=$9.60


Sheena said...

When I was at Target last time they told me they no longer accept internet printed coupons. Have you heard this?

CJ Sime said...

WOW! I just don't have it in me to stand up to the coupn allergic folks like you do. And the way you wrote it out it seems like you were calm and polite and to the point. I wish I had that type of gumption! Way to go!


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