Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreens Trip 3/8-3/9 $550 before $35 after coupons

Here is what I got at Walgreens on 3/8-3/9.

11-Glade Sense & Spray $7.99 ea (used $4.00 ESC & $4.00/1 Mfg) FREE
11-Glade Lasting Impressions $7.99 ea (used $4.00 ESC & $4.00/1 Mfg) FREE
42-Garnier Fructis $2.99 ea (used $2.00 ESC & $1.00/1 Mfg) FREE
6-Orbit Gum 3/.99 (used .99 ESC) 3 for .99
10-Ramen (fillers - .25 ea) $2.50
4-M&M’s (fillers - .50 ea) $2.00
5-Sambucol $12.99 ea (used $10 ESC & $3.00 mfg) FREE
5-Huggies $10 ea (used $5 IP)
1-Cottonelle 12 pk dbl rolls $7
2-Excedrin Menstrual $5.99 (used $4 ESC & $1/1 IP mfg) .99 ea
1-Advil PM $4.49 (used 2.00/1 mfg peeled from pkg) $2.49
1-Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99 (used $4.00 mfg) $4.99
1-Reeses Big Bar (filler $1.29)

Got a $2 RR for the Advil PM, $4 RR for Gillette Razor, $10 RR for the Huggies

$550 before coupons and $35 after

After you buy the following products look in the box for coupons to use on your next purchase.

Sambucol $3.00/1 in box
Glade Sense & Spray $3.00/1 & $1/1
Glade Lasting Impressions $3.00/1 & $1/1

Please remember not to take coupons from a box unless you have bought the product first.

PS: I had a picture of all of this but someone it got deleted from the memory card!


Frugal Living Online said...

I cannot believe your Walgreens had that many Glade products. My store only had 4! Great job!


Roan said...

Penny, what do you do with all that stuff???
When are you going to tell us what happened with Kroger? :)

Fergy said...

that's awesome..I got the Glades here in Grenada before they went on sale..and then a lady came and bought them all...I don't even think she had the free coupons!!..she just bought them all at $4/each..

.j.e.n.p.c. said...

ohh myyy godddd. I wish I could do that!

How many trips/transactions did that take you?

Penny said...

It was done with 4 different transactions. I did one at each of my 3 stores on Sunday and then once on Monday.

I also went yesterday but it is not included in this total.

You can do it too! Anyone can.


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