Monday, April 27, 2009

HOT Walgreens deals for 4/26-5/2

Walgreens has some hot deals this week.

Nieva Bodywash 16.9 oz $4.99 and gives a $5RR ($1.00 mfg coupon came out recently)
Rembrandt Toothpaste or Mouthwash $5.99 and gives a $6RR
Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.49 and gives a $2.50 RR
Bayer Contour or Breeze 2 Meter $14.99 and gives a $5RR (up to $30 coupon came out recently)
Ecotrin 45 ct $2.00 and gives a $2.00 RR($1.00 mfg coupon recently)
Got2B Styling Products 2/$10 and gives a $5.00 RR (Printable $2 coupon)

RR stands for Register Rewards.

Here are some examples of the best ways to use coupons and RR's. Thanks to sleepy932 at A Full Cup.

Transaction #1

1 Bayer Blood Glucose Meter $14.99

Total= $14.99


$30 coupon from 2/1 RP or 3/22 SS (this will beep to put in the price which they will put in $14.99 NO OVERAGE on this ladies).

Total Oop= just tax earn $5 RR

Transaction #2

1 Nivea Body Wash $4.99
1 Ecotrin $2
1 Hallmark Gift Wrap .39 (must use wags coupon to get this price)

Total= $7.38
(See Transaction#7 if you were able to print the Smartsource ecotrin q from

$1 Nivea coupon from pamphlet found in stores or from here NIVEA - OUR COMPLETE ASSORTMENT (this will let you print 20 or if your lucky more) or 4/19SS
$1 Ecotrin q from 1/25 SS
$5 RR from Bayer
Wags coupon (Does NOT count into your coupon count)

Total Oop= .38 plus tax earn $5 RR from Nivea and $2 from Ecotrin

Transaction #3

1 Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.49
1 Can of Campbells Soup .59 (must use Wags in ad q to get this price)

Total= $3.08


$3 Skintimate RR
Wags in ad q for Campbells

Total Oop= .08 plus tax earn $2.50 RR for Bayer

Reminder: Bayer tablets cannot be used with Bayer monitor RR otherwise your new RR will not print out because they are the SAME company

Transaction #4

1 Ecotrin $2
1 Bayer tablets $2.49
1 cheap filler .29 (small plastic bowl found by cereal)

Total= $4.78

$1 Ecotrin manu q
$3.50 Colgate q

Total Oop= .28 plus tax earn $2 and $2.50 RR ($1 MM)

Transaction #5

1 Nivea Body Wash $4.99
2 Cheap Fillers (Easter Clearance or small plastic bowls ) .29 ea= .58

Total= $5.57 plus tax

$1 Nivea q
$2 Scunci q
$2 Chapstick

Total Oop= $.57 earn $5 RR

Transaction #6

1 Rembrandt $5.99
1 Cheap Filler .29

Total= $6.28


$6 Uniliever RR

Total Oop= .28 earn $6RR for Rembrandt

Transaction #7Great for newbies!

1 Ecotrin $2

Total= $2

$2.25 Ecotrin q Warning: This coupon will beep because it will need to be modified to $2. If you have a Wags that does not modify coupons then this transaction will not work for you.

Total Oop= Just tax earn $2 RR

The Best I can come up with to roll back and forth for this weeks deal is...

Nivea Body Wash $4.99
Ecotrin $2
Filler that is $1.01 or more (I like either 2 Campbells soup= $1.18 OR 1 Bumble Bee Tuna (.79) and 1 Hallmark Gift Wrap (.39)= $1.18

Total= $8.17 (if I go with one of the fillers listed above)


$6 Rembrandt RR
$1 Ecotrin manu q
$1 Nivea Body Wash manu q
Wags coupons for fillers

Total= .17 earn $2 Ecotrin and $5 Nivea


1 Rembrandt $5.99
2 Campbells Soup= $1.18 (again use whatever fillers you would like as long as it is $1.01 or above)

Total= $7.17


$2 Ecotrin RR
$5 Nivea RR
Wags coupons from Campbells

Total Oop= .17 plus tax earn $6 Rembrandt RR

REPEAT between the two!

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