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Free Meal at Captain D's

Each new member will then receive a welcome email along with a coupon good for a FREE Fish & Fries or a FREE Chicken & Fries for joining. Please allow us 72 hours to verify your new member status. Limit ONE membership per email address. We will never sell, share or rent your information and you can unsubscribe from the D's Club at any time. You must be 13 or older to join/participate.

Free eBooks from Harlequin

Free Ebooks from Harlequin - They have 16 free books for you to download and read. They are celebrating 60 years so they are giving away $60 worth of books to download

Kroger Deals for 2/25-3/3

I have finished the Kroger Deals for this week. You can view them here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Walgreens Deals for 2/22-2/28

Reynolds Wrap,
Overage TOTAL: -$.11
SALE: $.89 w/ in-ad q
MQ: $1/1 (2/8 insert)
AD Q: pg. 12, $.89
MATH: $1.69 - $.80 - $1 = $.11

Gillette Fusion Gamer razor,
Overage TOTAL: -$1.01
SALE: $8.99
MQ: $4/1 (2/8 P&G)
RR: $6 RR wyb 1, pg. 8
MATH: $8.99 - $4 - $6 = -$1.00

Oust (either of them),
GDA .50 eachTOTAL: 2/$.99
SALE: 2.99 each
MQ: B1G1 Free - 2-8 SS, 1-4 SS
ESMIR: 1.00 off 1 max of 4.00
MATH: buy 2 2.99 + 2.99 b1g1 -2.99 less ESMIR -2.00 ($1.0 x 2) offer #31 = .99 for 2

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills,
SALE: 2/$5MQ: $1/1 2-1SS
ESMIR: FEB $2 MIR on 2
MATH: 2/$5 -$2
MIR - 2 ($1) coupons = 2/$1

Excedrin 20 or 24ct,
Overage TOTAL: -.01
SALE: $1.99
MQ: $1/1 1-4SS
RR: $1
RRMATH: $1.99 - $1RR - $1 coupon = -.01

Stayfree Product GDA (PMFan)
Stayfree Maxi 24ct 3.99
final: 3.99/2
BOGO sale- BOGO Stayfree Product, 01-04-09 RP up to $7.50

Dove Deodorant,
GDA TOTAL: $.49/1 or $2.48/2
SALE: $1.99 sale price
MQ: $1.50/1 Dove Deodorants And/Or Body Mists, Any - 01-18-09 RP
MQ: $1.50/2 Dove Deodorants And/Or Body Mists, Any - 01-18-09 RP
AD Q: $1.99, page 8
MATH: $1.99 - $1.50/1 mq = $.49
MATH: $1.99x2 - $1.50/2 mq = $2.48/2

SALE: 2/$10
MQ: $2/1 Theraflu Warming Relief x2/28 blinkieESMIR: FEB $6
MIR on 2
MATH: 2/$10 - $6
MIR - 2($2) coupons = FREE

Glade Fabric & Air Deodorizer,
Overage (rebate_queen)
TOTAL: -.01
SALE: $2.99
MQ: $2/1, home mailer or found inside package of scented oil refill
MATH: $2.99 - $1 MIR - $2 coupon = -.01

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills, GDA(rebate_queen)
TOTAL: 2/$1
SALE: 2/$5
MQ: $1/1 2/1SS
ESMIR: FEB $2 MIR on 2
MATH: 2/$5 -$2MIR - 2 ($1) coupons = 2/$1

Walgreens RR Deals 2/22 - 2/28
Thanks UrbanMama

Dr.Pepper, 7 up, Sunkist, Canada Dry 2 Liter - Sale Price 4/$5 - Earn $2RR wyb 4

Household Cleaners - Sale Price 2/$6 - Earn $2RR wyb 2
Tilex 16-32oz, 409 Al Purpose 32oz, Pine Sol 28oz, Clorox 35pk wipes OR 6pk Toilet Wand Refills OR Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 3.5oz OR Cleaner 22-30 oz, + More

Biore Skin care products - on 25% sale - $3RR wyb $10

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Spa Breeze or Embrace Razor - Sale Price $8.99 - Purchase one (1) Earn $6RR
(Purchase Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Spa Breeze or Embrace Razor Refills and Earn additional $4RR)

Tylenol allergy or cold and sinus relief - Sale Price $4.99 - $3RR wyb 2 or more

Spend $30 or more, Get $10RR. Spend $20, Get $5 RR -
Benefiber 28pk, 48 or 62 dose powder, 90 or 110ct chewables or 60 ct caplets -- $10.00
Tums 24pk QuikPak, 60-150ct Tablets -- $4.00
Gas-X 18 pk Thin Strips OR 18-20 ct Softgels -- $5.00
Maalox Liquid 12 oz OR 90 ct Dissolve Tabs -- $5.00
Ex-Lax 24 ct tablets -- $5.00
Prilosec OTC 28ct tabs, 20mg -- $19.99
MiraLax 14 day 8.3oz -- $10.00
Zantac 150, 66ct tabs OR Zantac 75, 80 ct -- $17.00

Claritin Allergy Relief 30ct tabs or RedTabs OR 24ct Liqui-Gels -- Sale Price $19.99 - Earn $5RR

Excedrin Pain Relief – 20ct Express Gelcaps OR 24 ct tab, caplets or Geltabs -- Sale Price $1.99 – Earn $1.00RR

Nature Valley Bars 6pk(?) – Sale Price 2/$5.00 – Earn $1.00RR

Special thanks to A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World for this info.

Free Prints at Walgreens TODAY only

Walgreens is giving away 20 free prints today only. Use code: ONEDAY

You can choose the store pickup option.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday Freebies

Free Gain coupon for $1.50/1
Free Tena Sample
Free Poise Sample
Free Viva Towels Sample
Free Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation sample
Free HUGGIES® Soft Skin Baby Wipes with Shea Butter sample
Free Selsun Blue sample
Free Benefiber Sample
Free LACOSTE Perfume sample
Free Fruit & Sunshine Recipe Booklet
Get a FREE sample and $7 coupon for Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
FREE Cookbook: Gooseberry Patch Fall Favorites with Sun-Maid® Raisins & Dried Fruit

Kroger Deals for 2/18-2/24

I am putting together the Kroger deals each week for Refund Cents. Here is the document that I created the Kroger Deals for 2/18-2/24.

Lowes $10 off $50 Printable Store Coupon

Lowes $10 off $50 printable coupon

Free Pancakes at IHOP

Dear Family and Friends,

On Tuesday, February 24, I will be celebrating National Pancake Day with free pancakes at IHOP. That’s right – free pancakes!* The good news is that you can get the same great deal at your local IHOP. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on February 24 at participating IHOPs across the country, you can get a free short stack (three) of IHOP’s famous buttermilk pancakes.

For every short stack of pancakes served on National Pancake Day, IHOP guests are invited to make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children with 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the U.S., or other local charities. For more information and to find a restaurant near you, visit

Free Photobook from Shutterfly

Shutterfly - Create your FREE 20, page 8x8 photo book (a $29.99 value), exp. March 10, 2009.Use code PHOTOBOOKS Sorry but this offer does not seem to be working

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walgreens Trip 2/18

Russell Stover Elvis Heart Candy 75% off $3.74
Valentines Ring Pops 75% off $.99
Photo Frame From You to Me 75% off $1.74
Bayer Contour Glucose Meter $14.99(used mfg up to $30) FREE
6-Hershey's Kisses 75% off .62 each(used mfg 3 $2.00/2) FREE
2-Hershey's Giant Kiss 75% off $1.32 ea(used mfg 2 $1.00/1) FREE
3-Phisoderm Wash Gel 6 oz $2.59(used peelie from bottle $2.00/1) pd .59 ea
2-Loreal Excellence Creme Hair Color $3.69 ea(used ESC $5/2 & mfg $2.00/1) FREE
2-Loreal Excellence Natural Match Hair Color(used ESC $5/2 & mfg $2.00/1 printable) FREE
4-Pantene Spray Gel $1.24 clearance(used $2/2) .24 ea
Schick 2 pk .99(used $2.00/1 mfg)
Goldbond Ultra Lotion $3.79 clearance(used ESC $1.00 & mfg $1.00/1) pd $1.79
J&J Shampoo Trial Size 2/$2(used $2.00/2 printable) FREE
2-Depends $3.49 clearance(used $2.00/1 printable)
Icy Hot PM Patch $2.69 clearance(used $1.00/1 mfg)
$236.27 before coupons and $16.76 after
Walgreens has all their Valentines stuff on clearance for 75% off.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kroger Trip 2/17

I just got back from Kroger. I got 40 boxes of Totino's pizza rolls. They were on sale for $1.25 a box and when you buy 10 you get $3.00 off your order. I checked out 4 different times.

I got 40 boxes for $15.60!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Redbox Code 2/16

Here is your Monday promo code for today…


Expires tonight (Mon, Feb 16) at midnight.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Walgreens Deals 2/15-2/21

ESR=WG Easy Saver Rebate

Free after Walgreens Rebate

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer or Foundation to $9.99
-$9.99 ESR
- Use $2 (S 1/11)
Final price FREE + $2 profit

Revlon Creme Lip Gloss $9.99
- $9.99 ESR
- Use $2 (S 1/11)
Final price FREE + $2 profit

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Hair Care to $3.99
- $3.99 ESR
-Use $1 (RP 1/4 or 10/5 or 11/9)
Final price FREE + $1 profit

Zucol ColdCare $7.99
- $2 printable coupon
- 7.99 ESR
- Use $2 (S 2/1)
Final price FREE + $2 profit

ThermaCare Heat Wrap $2.49
- $2.49 ESR
Final price FREE

Breeze 2 or Contour Blood Glucose Meter $14.99
- Use $30 (S 2/1)
Final price FREE
**I get these free all the time. I got 2 yesterday. I donate them to our local Diabetes Treatment Center.

Walgreens Multi-Purpose Solution to $1.99
- $1.99 Easy Saver Rebate
Final price FREE

Good Deals

Colgate Toothpaste .99
- Use .75 (S 2/1)
Final price .24

Schick Quattro Razor or 4 pack Cartridges $8.99
- $3 Easy Saver c/o
- Use $2 (S 1/25)
Final price $3.99

**Be sure and look for the orange clearance tags. WG has a lot of products on clearance right now and with a coupon they would be free or nearly free.

**When you do the Walgreens Easy Saver Rebates make sure you select that your rebate come back to you in the form of a Walgreens gift card. When you do you get 10% more back.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Printable coupons

Great printable coupons

$1.10/1 Progresso Soup
$2.00/1 St. Ives any
$2.00/2 Johnsons & Johnsons
$1.00/1 Chex Mix
$1.00/1 Johnson's Buddies
$0.55/1 Kelloggs Pop-Tarts
$1.00/1 7-Up Cherry
$1.00/1 Crystal Light
$1.50/1 Yopait Kids
$1.00/1 Skinny Cow
$1.00/1 Special K Crackers

Print coupons from

Join millions of CoolSavings members who save with name-brand coupons that you can easily print from your computer.

Free coupon booklets
$10 coupon booklet from Dinner Made Easy
$10 coupon booklet from Eat Better America

Gevalia 3 boxes of Coffees for $3 plus Free Mug and Free Shipping

Redbox Code 2/13

Here is a Redbox code that you can use. I know it has worked at Walgreens but not sure about Wal-Mart. I have seen two variations of the code and don't know which one is correct. Just try both and see which one works.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kroger Cupid's Day Specials Good 2/13 9a-9p

Kroger Cupid's Day Specials Good 2/13 from 9 am - 9 pm
These specials are for the Kroger Delta Region. If you are not in this area your specials could vary a little. To check your specials go to Kroger's online weekly ad.

Ben & Jerry's or Haagen DAZS Ice Cream 14-16 oz B1G1F
Motts Apple Juice 64 oz $0.99
Kroger Orange Juice 1/2 Gallon $0.99
Sweet, Red Seedless Grapes $0.99 lb
Knudsen Sparkling Cider 24.5 oz 2/$4
Valentine General Merchandise(excluding plush) 50% off
Hershey's Valentine's Day or Dove Heart Candy $1.98
Russell Stover or Whitman's Heart Box Candy 3.5-16 oz $6.99
Private Selection Gourmet Cookies 12 ct $2.99

Kroger Managers Special Deals

I hit the JACKPOT today at Kroger. I actually went in to buy Chef Boyardee but realized I left my coupons in an envelope at home! Anyway I checked the produce section first and then moved on to meat. Here are all the great "Managers Specials" I got.

21.29 lb Mash Ready to Cook Bone in Ham Reg. $38.11 Sale $16.82
2-Oscar Myer Mini Hot Dogs Reg. $2.50 Sale $1.59
2-Beef Polska Kielbasa Reg $3.19 Sale $1.59
6.38 lb Ground Beef Reg $20.35 Sale $13.65
2 lb Tennessee Pride Sausage Reg $6.19 Sale $4.19
3-Wrights 1 1/2 lb Reg $5.99 Sale $2.99
Hogie Rolls Reg $2.99 Sale $0.99
Gallon of Milk Reg $3.19 Sale $1.25
Dole Winter Jubilee Salad Kit Reg $1.99 Sale $1.00(used $1.00/2 Blinkie)
Dole 7 Lettuces Reg $1.99 Sale $1.00
3 lbs Green Apples Reg $3.99 Sale $1.29
2 lbs Golden Apples Reg $2.99 Sale $1.00
3 lbs Gala Apples Reg $3.99 Sale $1.00
5-Bryan Smokies Reg $4.19 Sale $1.99 (used 2-$1.00/2 mfg)
4-Pork Tenderloins Reg $8.99 Sale $2.99
2-Cases of Ramen - just needed
5-Mentos Gum (used .55/1 doubled) - just got
Paid $89

The Mgrs special items added up to $170.85 at Reg price!

We had a Korean exchange student 3 years ago and he is coming back(and bringing his sister) in 2 days. He loves meat so I was so glad to find these great deals!

Free eBooks from Coupon Mom

Coupon Mom is offering these three eBooks free.

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with the Coupon Mom System (Part 1)
Learn how to be a Strategic Shopper to cut your grocery bill dramatically

"Advanced Grocery Savings Strategies" to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half (Part 2)
Shop like the pros with our advanced savings strategies!

Download "Drugstore Savings Strategies" to get hundreds of dollars of free merchandise a year at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cheap Valentines Day Craft

Valentines Heart
All you need is candy canes(many places have them 90% off now), a red piece of construction paper and hot glue.
Just take two candy canes and turn them opposite of each other. Hot glue at the bottom and top where they come together. Also, glue them in several spots so they will stick to the paper.
Now you have an easy cheap Valentines Day craft. Enjoy!

Kroger Deals for 2/11-2/17

Totino’s Pizza Rolls 4/$5 buy 10 and get $3.00 off
Use the .35/1 coupon that will double to .70
That will make them .55 each which is $5.50 - $3.00 = $2.50 for 10 boxes
Multigrain Cheerio’s 3/$5
Use the .50/1 that doubles to $1.00
That will make the .67 each which is $6.70 for 10 boxes
Manwich Sauce $1.00 buy 10 and get $3.00 off
Use the .50/2 coupon that will double to $1.00/2
That will make them .50 each which is $5.00 - $3.00 =$2.00 for 10 cans
Chef Boyardee 0.88 buy 10 and get $3.00 off
Use the .35/3 coupon
That will make them $3.70 for 9. (you will have to add another item in to make 10 to get the $3.00 off.
You will have to mix and match these depending on how many of a like kind your Kroger will double. Ours will double 8 of a like kind on one order. Example of the way I split mine up: 8 pizza rolls and 2 Manwich, etc.

If you need to get extra coupons be sure and check out ebay. I always do a search for the one I am looking for like "Multigrain Cheerios" then I choose buy it now and look for the cheapest coupons with the cheapest shipping.

Free Subscription to Woman's Day Magazine

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Redbox Code for 2/11 at Walgreens only

Redbox code for 2/11 for Walgreens only is wgreen2.


Kroger Trip 2/10

Kroger Trip 2/10
23 - Honey Nut and Multigrain Cheerios(.67 a box)
11-Hunts Manwich Sauce
3-Cottonelle TP (FREE)
1-Spray Carpet Cleaner
2-Windex Wipes(.09 each)
5-J&J Soap(FREE)
4-St. Ives Body Wash (.50 each)
1-Del Monte Tomatoes (FREE)
1-Suave Men's Shampoo (FREE)
1-Kroger Large Eggs
1-Gallon Milk
1- 22lb bag of Dog Food(not pictured)
9-Chef Boyardee Pasta
3-Betty Crocker Box Potatoes
1-Betty Crocker Bag Potatoes
3-Hamburger Helper
1-Roast ($6.81 on clearance)
1-Oscar Myer Ham (FREE)
1-24 pk Dansi Water
1-Kroger cheese 24 pk
1-Kroger Tortilla Chips (.25)
6-Durcell Battery 2 pk (FREE)
15 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes($3.00 for 15 lb-on clearance)
3 lbs Onions ($1.00 on clearance)
$272.79 before coupons and $88.93 after coupons

Free Subscription to American Baby Magazine

Free 7 day Guest Pass to Bally's Fitness


Monday, February 9, 2009

Two Free Issues of Family Circle Magazine

Enjoy the March and April issues of Family Circle free. No strings attached. You'll never receive a bill.Family Circle magazine is edited for contemporary women with families and provides information on a variety of modern issues. Its feature articles focus on financial planning, food, health, beauty, fashion, planning family activities and helpful "how-to" tips.

Free KraftMaid Kitchen Idea Book

Get your free KraftMaid Kitchen Idea Book. Hurry these go fast.
Sorry this offer has ended.

Free FreeStyle Blood Glucose System & Diabetes Health Guide

Free FreeStyle Freedom® Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System or choose the Free FreeStyle Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Be sure and click below to get your free Diabetes Health Guide too.

Diabetes Guide

Kohl's 30% off and Free Shipping

Kohl's card holders can get 30% off by using code PRES30DAY thru 2/17. Also, they can get free shipping by using code MVC3523 by 2/12.

Great Mail Day full of Free Stuff

Today was a great mail day.
I got the following:
Free Coupon for a Suave product valued up to $3.00 I told you about this freebie here.
Free Coupon for a 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper I told you about it here.
Free Taste of Home magazine I told you about it here.
Free Woman's Day magazine
Free Fast Company Magazine
Kohl's 30% off code
.50/1 Multigrain Cheerio's coupons from Ebay for the Kroger sale
AT&T coupon for 25% off any accessory
and best of all NO BILLS!

Redbox Code 2/9

Today's code is: 25CH63

If you aren't using Redbox codes to get free movies you should be. Go to RedBox and find a location near you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Freebies 2/8

Free Sample of Betty Crocker Warm Delights Mini
Free Subscription to Golf Digest
Free Potty Training Kit
Free Sample of Metamucil
Free Light & Easy Recipe Book
Free Baby Samples
Free Facial Cleansing Cloth
Try out Shop 4 Freebies
Free Pop-Tart Sample
Free Sample of Crest Whitening Strips
Free Gas Fairy gives away $250 in free gas every day!
Free EZ Card Creator
Free Child Safety ID Kit
Free Home Made Simple $27 coupon book
Free Remedy Life Magazine and samples
Free baby samples

Good Deals at Walgreens 2/8-2/14

Windex 2/$5
- $1.50 MFQ Wipes printable
- $1.00 MFQ Spray printable
- $2.50 Manu MIR (SS 1/11)
- $2.00 ESR
= $2.00 Profit!

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes or All Purpose Cleaner
TOTAL: Free + tax
MQ: $3/2 from the Right@Home email expires 2/20/2009
ESMIR: Feb Rebate pg. 56
Rebate Limit of (4) for $4.00
Math: $5/2 - $3/2 MFC = $2 - $2 ESMIR = $0 + tax

Drano, GDA
SALE: 2/$7
MQ: $1.50 Right at Home IP
ES MIR: Rebate #30 and month Feb, $1/1
MATH: 3.50-1.50-1.00= 1.00

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair,
GDA TOTAL: Total price for number of items after all coupons and rebates.
SALE: 2/$7MQ: 2.00 Right at Home IP
ESMIR: Rebate #30 and month Feb, $1/1
MATH: 3.50-2-1=0.50

All of the above coupons can be printed from the link on the Windex deal.

Gillette Fusion, Overage
TOTAL: $1.01 MM
SALE: $8.99
MQ: $4 2/8 PG
RR: $6 RR
MATH: $8.99-$4Q= $4.99- $6RR= $1.01 overage

Progresso Soup 4/$5
-$1.10 Printable

Thanks to the great people at the A Full Cup forums.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Printable coupons

$1/1 coupon for Tide Total Care
$1/1 coupon for Tide to Go
$1/1 Coupon for Downy liquid fabric softeners
$2 off any Aveeno
$2/1 St.Ives any
$2/2 Johnsons product
$3/1 Space Buddies DVD
$31 from Right at Home - Click on come inside
Ensure® Shakes Coupons for a Free Shake and Savings on a Six-pack!

I Won

A few days ago I told you about a contest to win a ticket to Universal Orlando Parks. I got an email today saying that I won a ticket! WOOOHOOO

Dear Penny Holder,

Congratulations! You are one of the first one hundred thousand (100,000) individuals to successfully register for the Universal Heroes Promotion, administered by ePrize.

For your registration, you will receive a Universal Orlando® 2-PARK Unlimited Admission Ticket valid for 7 consecutive days at both Universal Orlando theme parks! Please see the Official Rules for further prize details and eligibility requirements. You will receive your Universal Orlando Park ticket confirmation code in the mail within the next 4-6 weeks. The ticket confirmation code mailer will be sent to the address you provided in your registration. You will need to present your ticket confirmation code mailer and a valid form of identification* at the ticket windows of either Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure theme parks. Your Universal Orlando® 2-park Unlimited Admission Ticket is valid March 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

Frugal Articles & Sites

Today I have been paying bills and trying to figure out where we can cut corners. I called Directv to see if we were still under contract. Well come to find out when our DVR broke in Nov and I called and asked about getting one they failed to tell me it would put me under a two year contract! The only way to get out of it is pay a $480 early cancellation fee. Anyway after talking to 3 people and getting very stressed out I got them to lower our bill down from $72 to $60 a month. About 2 hours after I got off the phone with them I was thinking about what they said. The guy asked me if we still have 4 receivers and I said yes. The more I thought about it I remembered that one TV broke so we are only using 3. I called and had that one removed so that is another savings of $4.99 a month.

I am also considering cancelling our land line phone but the only problem is our cell phones don't work in the house. We have to go out and climb a tree(yes, that is a stretch) to get service.

Also, I remembered reading somewhere that everything you have plugged in outlets will use electricty no matter if you are using it. I had the girls go around and unplug everything that was not in use. Hopefully it will help some.

I also plan to inventory my pantry and freezers to see what we have. We are just gonna have to eat what is in there whether we want it or not! I have ordered some things for the Kroger sale this week so I will use those when they come in but other than that we are only buying milk and bread. I see a lot of chili and spaghetti in our future!

I would love for you to share how you are cutting back or saving money in these though times. Leave me a comment and let me know.

I found these great articles and sites that might help you out.

101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week
The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living
Surviving on a Budget - $10 Grocery List
How to Feed a Family of 4 or more for less than $200 a month(e-book)
Easy Envelope Budgeting for Beginners

Great Frugal Sites:

The Dollar Stretcher
Living on a Dime
Hillbilly Housewife
The Pioneer Woman

Great Place for Freebies

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Counterfeit Coupons

Counterfeit coupons are a big deal. You can be prosecuted and put in jail for using counterfeit coupons. It is your responsibilty to make sure the coupons you use are not counterfeit. If the coupon looks to good to be true IT IS! Make sure coupons you print from the internet are from the companies website. You can always check this site for photos of counterfeit coupons.

Here is one that is circulating right now. Free Kraft

Kroger Deals to look for

Today at Kroger I noticed that St. Ives Bodywash was on sale for $2.49. You can print a coupon here for $2.00/1 St. Ives any product.

In the clearance corner at Barnes they had a bunch of the containers of Kroger brand lemonade and pink lemonade for $1.49 a container. They also had a bunch of the Disney brand Kool-Aid type containers for $1.49.

The Dayton Deal starts tomorrow. Buy 10 participating products and get $3.00 off.

Walgreens Trips 2/3

I made one trip to the Crosstown store and one to the Barnes store.

Crosstown store

Venus Embrace Razor $8.99 but gave me a $6.00RR
2-L'Oreal Excellence Hair Color $3.69 had $2.00/1 coupon plus the easy saver coupon was $5.00/2
Candy $1.39(for Ashley)
Paid $6.05 and got the $6.00RR

Barnes store
Dri Idea Clinical $5.99 gave $5.00RR
6-Ricola $1.29 each had $1.00/2
Skittles .89
Paid $6.68 got $5.00 RR

Okay the Barnes store was a goof up. I thought the Ricola coupons were $1.00/1. Well after us trying 20 different ways to try to make them go thru we figured out they were $1.00/2. Since it took about 30 minutes and they voided stuff so many times I just said to heck with it and got them.

Free Glade Gift Pack

Add lasting freshness to your living room, bedroom, larger bathroom, kitchen or den this winter with a Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil warmer. A scented oil warmer is the perfect complement to any room in your home, providing lasting fragrance that makes even larger rooms more inviting for get-togethers with family and friends. You will love the freshness that fills your room, from the first day to the last.

Take a mini-break from winter. Try the tropical scent of Hawaiian Breeze® to transport you to the islands!

If you’re one of the first 10,000 to respond, you’ll receive a free gift pack that includes:
One Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil warmer
One Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil refill in Hawaiian Breeze®
$1.00 coupon off two single Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil refills or one twin refill
Thanks to Coupon Cravings for this great deal.

Monday, February 2, 2009

HOT Printables for Chex Mix and Progresso Soup

Glitter Words

$1.00/1 Chex Mix

$1.10/1 Progresso Soup (this link has been reset so if you printed them before you can print again)

$1.00/1 Johnsons Buddies (makes them free at Walmart and Kroger)

Remember you can print both twice by hitting the back button and then refreshing the page. You can print 2 per each computer you have.

Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Tonight's supper was Chicken Spaghetti. It cost approx. $5.00 to make because I bought the ingredients with coupons.

1 can Cream of Chicken
1 can Cream of Mushroom
2 cans Chicken in a can
1 box of spaghetti
1 can Rotel
1 8 oz bag shredded cheese

Preheat over to 450.

Cook pasta as usual and drain when cooked. Mix all other ingredients(except cheese) with pasta and stir thoroughly and pour in a greased 11x13 dish. Cover with shredded cheese. Place in over for approx 15 minutes until cheese is melted.

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FYE in Tupelo is closing

FYE store in the Barnes Crossing Mall is closing. Right now everything is 25% off but will evidentially be reduced futher.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free 7 day ticket to Universal

Universal Studios is giving a free 7 day ticket away to the first 100,000 people. Limit one per household.

The first 100,000 completed entries immediately following the airing of each Universal Heroes TV ad on February 1st, 2009 will receive a free 2-park 7-day unlimited ticket** to Universal Orlando® Resort theme parks. Simply fill out the fields and click Submit. If your entry is one of the first 100,000 received, we'll use this information to contact you.

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