Friday, January 29, 2010

Kroger Mega Deal

Kroger is having the Mega Deal through 2/9. Here are some good deals I have found.

Buy 10 participating products and get $5.00 off your total immediately. There are many items an you can mix and match.

** Means the price after the $5.00 has been taken off.

Capri Sun $1.49** ($1.00/2 IP Coupon)
Deluxe Mac & Cheese or Velvetta Shells an Cheese $1.50** ($1.00/2 IP Coupon)
Velvetta $3.99** ($1.00 IP Coupon)
Kraft Bar, Shredded Cheese, or Singles $1.99** ($1.00/2 IP Coupon)
Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat $2.99** ($1.00 IP Coupon)

Also, remember you can print coupons at the following places. If you have never printed coupons before you will have to install a coupon printer when prompted. On all sites except Smartsource you can print 2 coupons by printing the first one then hitting your back button and refreshing the page and it will print another one. With Smartsource you have to choose the coupons you want and then just go back an choose them again after the first ones have printed. If you have several computers you can get more coupons that way. and click on grocery

You can go to and and download coupons to your Kroger card. This allows you to use the download coupon and a printed coupon on the same item.

REMINDER: Copying coupons is illegal!!!! DO NOT COPY them unless you enjoy wearing orange and like to live behind bars.

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