Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coupon Binder Method

Items you need:  

1.  Zippered Binder

2.  4x6 Photo Sheets(most have 3 on the page)

3.  Pk of sports card holders(9 pockets on each page)

4.  Calculator5.  Pencils6.  Scissors7.  Notepad

8.  Self Sticking Tabs

I use the 4x6 sheets to put large coupons in. When you clip your coupons you have to clip them close so they will fit in the baseball card slots. Sometimes you will have to fold them up. I use the zipper pouch on the front to store my pens, notepad, calculator, and scissors.

I have my binder divided into these categories:

Dry Foods
Refrigerated/Frozen Foods
Personal Care
Paper/Plastic Products
Cleaning Supplies
Misc. Coupons

You can divide yours in whatever categories you need. You can use the self-sticking tabs to label your sections. Try to set your coupons up like the store is set up. Also, make sure and put all like coupons in the same pocket with the ones that expires first on top.

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