Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Great Deals at Walmart

Walmart has ears of corn for .19 each!!!  Stock up now and freeze them.  I bought 15 ears and they look great.  I am going back tomorrow and buy more. 

I also bought the following:

8-Benadryl Itch Sticks $2.46 each (used $5/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts) = FREE
1-Ovaltine  $2.88 (used $2/1 coupon from which has now been changed to $1/1) = .88
4-Huggies Wipes Tubs $2.47 each (used $2/1 coupon from = .47 ea

If you want some of the Benadryl coupons go to and search for Benadryl coupons and order you some.

Coupons Inc.

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