Sunday, February 6, 2011

Couponing 101: Learning the Lingo

The coupon world has its own lingo. It will make using coupons much easier for you if you learn these terms.

$1/1: $1 off of 1 product

$1/2: $1 off 2 products

$3/5: $3 off 5 products

B1G1F or BOGO: buy one get one free

B2G1F: buy two get one free

BLINKIE: a coupon pulled from a blinkie machine found in the isles of the grocery

CATALINA: manufacturer coupons that print out from a little machine at the register

CRTC: cash register tape with the price of the product circled. Most refunds require a cash register tape, so save your tapes.

ECB: Easy Care Bucks from CVS drug store. They print out on your receipt after the qualifying purchase. They can be used to purchase anything at CVS.

FAR: Free After Rebate

IP: Internet printable coupon

IVC: Walgreen's instant value coupon, found in the Easy Saver catalogs

MIR: mail-in rebate

NED: No Expiration Date

OAS: on any size If a coupon states "on any size" then it can be used on trial size products.

OOP: out of pocket which means how much you actually spent on your purchase

OYNO: "On your next order", usually Catalina coupons that print out at checkout giving money off, like $1, 'on your next order'.

P&G: Proctor & Gamble Sunday coupon insert. Comes out once a month.

Peelie: coupon that is found on the product that you can peel off and use

RP: Red Plum Sunday coupon insert.

RR or REGISTER REWARDS: This is what prints out at Walgreen's after a qualifying purchase.

SS: SmartSource Sunday coupon inserts

Stacking: Using a store coupon and a mfg coupon on one item.

TMF: try me free. Some refunds give you back your purchase price if you'll try the item.

UPC: Universal Product Code which is the barcode on the product

WYB: when you buy

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Anonymous said...

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East9thStreet said...

Thanks for explaining the lingo! I've just started the coupon craze (spent $63 and saved $81 on my first try). Following you back from

Sonia Kathuria said...

Hi following u bk fom MBC

Nancy said...

Thanks for following. I am now following you.
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