Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me! Bath 30% off Coupon Code

Pamper yourself with ME! Bath Ice Cream®, a flavorful and moisturizing scoop of luxury for your bathtub. Each piece is comprised of a unique six oil blend, purifying minerals, indulgent fragrances and Epsom Salt, and is one hundred percent artisan crafted, taking three days to custom make. ME! Bath Ice Cream® fizzes and melts immediately when submerged in water, releasing nourishing minerals and fragrant aromatic oils that will hydrate, moisturize and enrich your skin. Simply fill your tub normally and drop in a Bath Ice Cream®, soak and relax while your skin enjoys this decadent treat! Color may vary as each Bath Ice Cream® is 100% custom crafted and handmade.

Me! Bath is offering my readers 30% off when you use code maketheswitch.

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Small Footprints said...

Hi! This is off-topic ... just wanted to let you know that you'll be featured in the Honor Society on my blog tomorrow (Wednesday, 2/9/11). If you have a minute, hope you'll stop in! Thanks!


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