Product Submission

Product Review Submission

Want our thousands of great readers to learn about your products?

We are happy to review products here at Tupelo Deals! In order to do this we require you send a product for us to see and use first hand so we can give the proper review to our readers.

If you have something that our readers just have to have, we’d love to check it out! We review any items that are family friendly. 

Some examples are:

  • baby/toddler items
  • clothing/shoes/accessories
  • household items
  • gadgets
  • electronics
  • computer related items
  • Andriod apps
  • cell phones
  • grocery items
  • personal care items
  • pampering items
  • software
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • and so much more ......................
Please contact us ( to receive the correct address for sending sample products for review.  Please put "PRODUCT REVIEW SUBMISSION" in the subject line.  We will review all items that meet our standards.

Due to the volume of requests, we have a 2-4 weeks wait time and are unable to return sample products.

If we choose to feature your product, we will let you know and send you a button you can post to let everyone know you’ve been featured on Tupelo Deals!

With your request or your sample product, we recommend sending:

  • Any information you need from us, such as sizing or names for personalization

  • Press information

  • Any coupon codes you would like to offer our readers–our readers enjoy saving money and we find this generates more interest!

I will host and run GIVEAWAYS for free, as long as you can:

  • Send me a non-returnable product similar to what is being given away. I write a review of the product first before announcing that I’m giving one away.

  • Handle all aspects of fulfillment. I will choose the winners and email them for their address which I will email to you. All shipping must be handled by you as well as answering any questions regarding shipment of the prize.
Giveaways are a win win for you and the readers.  You get a low cost of advertising by giving away products and the consumers get to find out more out your products and maybe even win it. 

My giveaways are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, sweepstakes sites, and other blogs.  Also, I give the entrant extra entries liking you on Facebook and following you on Twitter.  This increases your social media reach.

I want to help YOU spread the word about your products!


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